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Dougie Mackie, 34

Born and raised in New Zealand, Dougie from an early age had an interest in Announcing. By 17 he was employed full-time to host a weekday radio night show where he achieved #1. He later moved to Auckland where he spent 5 formative years as Music Director, 

Announcer & Event Host for the The Edge FM.


In 2004 he decided to gain new experiences through traveling. Having filmed a lot of his trip, a new interest took shape, and come 2007 Dougie had moved to the UK and completed a Film Diploma at SAE London.


Today he still resides in London with his partner Gerda where he's been working as a Cameraman & Editor internationally for the past 8 years.



Dougie grew up in Hamilton New Zealand with his Mother and younger Sister. He tended a catholic primary/intermediate school, had an after school job delivering papers and was a caddet for the Order of St John where he learnt first aid and other various subjects. He wasn't much of your average Kiwi Rugby or Scoccer type, though he did play in a few school teams, his favorite sports were Tennis, Basketball, Softball, and Rollerblading. 


At age 11 Rollerblading had fully taken over his weekends, the blades would go on his feet in the mornings and not come off till the evening. He would head down to the local rink and skate street, ramps & jumps, but one thing he really loved was speed skating. He spent so much time there it was only a matter of time before the owners of the place asked if he would like to be one of there session DJ's.


Just 12 years old Dougie was the youngest DJ they had working there at the time. Not only would he select and play the music, he was also required to announce and welcome families to the skate rink, play games and give away prizes.

For nearly 2 years this is where Dougie developed his voice and began his journey of becoming a Radio Announcer.

Dougie Mackie, DJ, Roller Force, Hamilton, NZ

Roller Force Skate Rink Hamilton NZ

DJ Dougie in the booth 1993 (Age 12)

93.2 Energy FM New Plymouth, NZ

Weekday Nightshow Host Dougie Mackie in the studio 1998

In Dougie's first year of high school, he became friends with an older student who he first met at the skate rink who was doing an after school show on Community Radio, Dougie joined him on two occasions before being introduced to Mike Puru who was a night show announcer on the local commercial station 97.8 The Edge (formerly known as the "The Buzzard"), which had recently changed it's name and moved to a CHR format programed by Leon Wratt.


Mike allowed Dougie to come up to the station a few times a week to help him answer the phones and get to know the inner workings of the station. Weeks later The Edge launched a competition offering one lucky listener the chance of becoming a regular part-time announcer on the station. Hundreds of enteries were sent in, Dougie also decided to give it a go. Though instead of just sending in a few pre-recorded voice breaks, Dougie decided to also write a song expressing his journey of winning the contest.


Coolio's "Gangsters Paradice" from the Dangerous Minds movie soundtrack was big at the time, Dougie sat in his room for a few days and wrote and recorded the song with his home stereo with the instrumental from the CD single.

Once he had submitted his entry, he got as many of his school friends to call the station and request the song.


Because the song mentioned all the announcers from the station it was spot played a few times by each of the shows and eventually reached No.2 on the stations Top 9 countdown, following the current No.1 Alanis Morrissette's "Ironic".

This lead to Dougie becomming one of the 3 finalists in the competiton, successful as the song was, unfortunatly it wasn't enough for him to win the competition, however it did put him under the radar of the stations Program Director Leon Wratt.

Leon had noticed that along with the audio tape and letter Dougie had sent with his competition entry, he also included a link to his own website which his Father helped him build. At the time the internet was very new, it was rear for companies to have a website let alone a 14 year teenager. This lead to Leon offering Dougie the chance to come in after school and maintain their recently built website and basicly become an intern at the station. This was the begining of what became a 7 year career in Radio within the Mediaworks New Zealand (formally known as The Radioworks).

In 2002 as part of his responcibilities as a Music Director and Night show Co-host at The Edge, which by this time had become a network station across New Zealand, Dougie was also asked to MC a number of promotions across the country, one in particular was the Smokefree Rockquest.


It became apparent that Dougie had a talent for entertaining live audiences, rocking the crowd as it were. He toured all 25 shows for the Rockquest entertaining teenages across the country which he did 2 years running, aswell as maintaining his responcibilities schedualing the daily music logs for the station via a laptop, doing "Out and about" broadcasts back to the station for the morning, drivetime and night shows and annoncing weekend shows when he wasn't touring. After a while it became to much to juggle.

Smokefree Rockquest Northshore 2003

Dougie performing with guest band Wash

Dougie began his career as a DJ for a roller skating rink at the age of 12, 10 years later he was speaking to the nation of New Zealand as an announcer on the network radio station 'The Edge'.

Now residing in London England, Dougie has broaden his skills in the interest of film production and cinematography, and has been working as a Camera Operator/video editor within the UK and abroad since 2004.

His work as a Broadcaster and Filmmaker has given him the opportunity to work along side some very talented individuals within the industry. His passion to create entertaining content for audiences to enjoy is the driving force for all current and future projects. ​

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